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This could be your reality…

  • You are a blogger and you have digital products that sell to your followers or customers.
  • You use Woocommerce for WordPress to process this payments using Stripe, Paypal or other Payment gateways.
  • You are an influencer who’s selling print-on-demand products.
  • Or maybe you are a course content creator and you sell memberships to exclusive content or community
  • You want to apply marketing strategies to help you boost your sales like order bumps, limited time offers, 1-click upsells, trial previews and more.

If you have checked one or more out of the 5 items above, stick around because this blog post is for you!

Disclosure: I’m a referral partner for AccessAlly, which means that I may earn a commission if you sign up for AccessAlly through my referral link at no extra cost to you. Although I may be compensated for this review, my opinions about AccessAlly are my own and I’m sharing both the good and the badI want to share my experience with this membership plugin, in the hopes that you will find the best solution for your business.

What is Thrivecart? Is it for your business?

Thrivecart claims to be the world’s easiest and most powerful shopping cart platform. And it’s true!

I work with a lot of different business owners in several different markets. They don’t see it right away but the mere experience a prospect/lead goes through while buying work product also affects their perception with your brand.

As simple as having the appropriate elements in your shopping cart checkout page can be a deciding factor in boosting the sales and revenue in your business.

This is why business owners who use Clickfunnels also get high conversions because of how you can easily customize your checkout page.

You may not need all of its bells and whistles that I will be sharing with you today, but you need to make sure you got the basics covered.

Why I highly recommend Thrivecart?

Ease of Use

Thrivecart is built to ensure that you, as the business owner, doesn’t have to spend so much time trying figure out how the technology works, rather, you would spend the time to make more money.

Built to Sell

With it’s high converting layout it’s no brainer that you will be able to easily send people to your shopping cart and may their purchase experience a breeze.

Nothing could be more frustrating to a buyer when shopping carts don’t work, customers not getting what they paid for.

This means, more time in your customer service. We don’t want that!

Thrivecart Create New Product

Thrivecart Features

Thrivecart Creates Great Checkout Experience

Thrivecart is built to help you sell and increase your customer’s average order value (AOV). 

High Converting Checkout Page Layout

One of the very first and probably the most important criteria that you should be considering is whether the cart will convert.

Although there are a lot of factors that will add up to your conversion (the percentage of the amount of traffic who converted to buyers), there are very key elements such as the actual offer, offer description, scarcity, testimonials, and guarantees.

Thrivecart allows you to have these elements in your cart without in a very simple way.

Increasing Average Order Value

As part of a stellar checkout experience, you can add what is called, an order bump.


Thrivecart Bump offer


It will help you sell a complimentary product on what you have on the actual cart.

Upsells and downsells are also something that can help you increase your customers AOV in your business.\

Reliable Technology

Failed transactions or shopping cart not showing up due to high traffic volume are just few of the possible mishaps that can happen especially when you are doing promotions or product launches.

So yeah, we don’t want that and Thrivecart does an outstanding job.

Thrivecart Is Simple and Easy To Implement

One of the things that I don’t like is when technology isn’t working to your favor.

I’ve helped countless of entrepreneurs and countless different solutions. Although I’m great with figuring out technology but it’s difficult if you have to do that every single time.

Thrivecart is simple and easy to implement that you can easily set one on your own.

You can easily create products with different pricing options, fulfillment, automation and more.


Thrivecart connects with the following email systems:

Active Campaign, Aweber, ConvertKit, Drip, GetResponse, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Mailchimp and Ontraport.

If don’t know yet, I rave about Activecampaign. (Why? I bet that’s something for another post.) But the most amazing thing is you can trigger on the following scenarios below:

  • Main Product Purchase
  • Abandoned Cart (this will pick up on the email address they type in, even if they don’t complete the purchase)
  • Purchase Failure
  • Main Product Refunded
  • Subscription Payment Made
  • Subscription Payment Failed
  • Subscription Payment Refunded
  • Subscription Cancelled
  • Purchased Upsell
  • Declined Upsell
  • Refunded Upsell
  • Purchased Bump Offer
  • Refunded Bump Offer
  • Specific Coupon Code Used

It also integrates with several membership platforms such as the following:

thrivecart membership integrations

Affiliate Center

Skip paying for more tools just to manage your affiliates. Thrivecart grows together with your business. It’s even ready to cater to that growth in the first place.

You can manage your affiliate center right from inside Thrivecart.

From having specific coupon codes specific to an affiliate user to having special payment levels, you will have that complete autonomy on how to manage your affiliates to grow your business.

You can set up instant, 30 – 60 days payment options to affiliates after they have made a sale.

Final Thoughts

Although I barely scratched the surface on how amazing this tool there is still a lot to discover.

However, these are the very basic that you will need in order to build and grow a successful business online.

I’ve worked with a fair amount of different shopping carts for clients but hands down this is the best in the market.

Thrivecart is not publicly available yet and only available to few select users to help them promote a lifetime deal.