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Online programs or trainings are getting more traction nowadays, giving entrepreneurs more freedom and have a scalable ability to share their gifts and talents into the world.

I hate to admit it but I became a course junkie myself. I simply want to consume content around the Internet and completely miss out taking action but that’s going to be a different story. The point is, I’ve bought online courses myself and experienced them first hand.

I’ve noticed one thing… design matters. High-priced, high valued online courses are beautifully and aesthetically laid in a way which completely makes sense to the students so they don’t get lost in their way around it. I know I do and it’s frustrating when that happens. This in particular also comes from a note when the course creator is offering several different courses and wants to cross sell to it’s other products as well with different hyperlinks embedded around the course. So, this is where the challenge happens.

When an online course is visually appealing, I know I’m always excited to get back to it and finish the content and when I can clearly see where I’m at, I have better chances of finishing them which means, more raving alumni.

In my quest to helping a client of mine build a stunning online course, I stumbled upon AccessAlly. When I read about its features, it’s no brainer that it’s the perfect plugin that I need.


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What is AccessAlly?

AccessAlly is a WordPress plugin that helps you create stunning online membership or course delivery website that will allow you to integrate your wordpress website’s content with your current CRM or automation tool such as Infusionsoft, Ontraport, and Active Campaign to set the right viewing permissions on the content that you currently have.


What really sold me to AccessAlly is its fully customizable ability, it can work with any theme that you currently have, but it still comes with a 4 different Headway layouts for you to start working with it. There’s so much goodness packed in one lovely package that will help you manage our online course easier and better, if you want to do it yourself.

AccessAlly is easily built together with ProgressAlly. Combine the two, you’ll get highly interactive membership or e-course website to deliver your content. This gamification and progress tracking system allows you to show progress according to checklists, quizzes, and video completion.

Powerful Members Dashboard

When you’re using Access, you can simply create a members area that allows your students their credit card information directly, check their affiliate status, or even create a searchable user directory that allows members of your website to find each other.

No more login issues for having multiple courses, everything is all in one place. AccessAlly simplifies your entire process with less tech headache and process.


Top-notch support

The behind AccessAlly provides amazing support. I know I have been in contact with them for quite a few times and it’s impressive how fast and on point their responses are.

The entire database of step-by-step process and tutorial on how to setup AccessAlly from scratch is impressive. Hands down on how they have put it together.

If you’re NOT the type who has the time to figure things out, I’m launching a Done-For-You beta service in transforming your online membership site or e-course delivery rave-worthy. Sign up below to let us know you’re interested before we launch.